“Great experience. Amber Soria was my realtor and she did a great job. And I totally recommend that anybody who is looking for a house – she did a great job for me. She’s not only a realtor, but a true friend. So whenever we needed help she was there, all the time.”


“I’ve known Amber for approximately three years. I worked with her and her husband on a financing project and we were able to get all that taken care of. They moved to our community and I got to know them even better through the Chamber of Commerce; we’re both ambassadors for the chamber. And I just have been so impressed with how she’s just jumped into our community and got involved and is really starting to make a difference in our community. Everything that she does, she does with excellence. She never does the status-quo, she always goes above-and-beyond everything. She’s just a delightful person to be with and you can trust her [that] with everything she does she’s going to do a great job, over-the-top of anything you can imagine.”

         Marla Vallee